Low Isles Port Douglas

  • Postcode 4873
  • Population 10
  • Area 4 acres surrounded by 55 acres of coral reef

Low Isles consists of two islands, the smaller being Low Island and the larger Woody Island.   Surrounding the island is sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

Low Isles is part of the inner Great Barrier Reef and is within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Cruise to Low Isles to enjoy snorkelling, and Woody Island is famous for bird watching.

On the island are several thatched umbrellas providing shade for visitors.

Low Isles, just 15 kilometres from Port Douglas’ coast, is a prime location for an inner Reef excursion. Two little coral cay islands surrounded by 55 acres of coral reef, an ideal place to spend the whole day or just a little bit of it on a day trip.

Marine Life

In the waters surrounding the Low Isles, there are 150 different complex coral species, while just 15 soft coral species predominate. Here will find an abundance of marine life, including reef fish, molluscs, sea cucumbers,

While on the nearby coral reefs. Blue, green, and purple parrotfish are many fish species in the island’s waters.

Here you will find a large Turtle population, frequently seen by snorkelers.

Low Isles is an excellent destination for couples and families together. Visitors can relax under a thatched umbrella, snorkel and enjoy this pretty island.

Then go snorkelling and look for turtles or enjoy the beach and clear water.


Low Isles had had a lighthouse on it since 1878 and a ranger station when the lighthouse.

Scientific associations with the island since 1928, first as a year-long scientific survey that explored reef structure and ecology.

Since 1887, The Bureau of Meteorology has been collecting weather data from Low Isles.

Today visitors can enjoy half-day and full-day tours to Low Isles.